In this episode of Venturi’s Voice, Andy talks to Andre Chow about the importance of company culture. Andre is a Surgeon, Researcher, Entrepreneur, and Co-Founder of Touch Surgery. Andre Talks about the difficulties involved with growing a startup and the importance of culture in the work place and what it really means.

Show Notes:

Who is Andre Chow? – 1.01

Touch Surgery – 1.06

How was Andre influenced from being an academic to businessman? 1.32

How to treat people to get the best out of them 2.12

How Andre learnt his business leadership style 2.27

The most tricky elements of staffing in Andre’s experience 3.23

Difficulties trying to attract the sort of people you want to employ 3.54

Don’t forget your employee will have a first impression of your workplace 4.23

Giving people room to grow and learn while at work; they’re not robots! 5.23

When launching should you come with a collective vision for a start up? 7.08

Culture is something you can’t craft but equally can’t ignore 8.17

Selecting for characteristics of employees you want, so they fit the culture 8.50

Unique challenges with working with millennial 10.00

How to motivate such a diverse staff with a wide range of talent 11.23

Is it possible to inspire your staff when your product isn’t as innovative as Touch Surgery 13.30

Top 3 tips for staffing and leadership 14.41

Try to over communicate as the company grows 14.53

Actively try to promote diversity in your teams 16.03

Put yourself into the shoes of your employees 16.49