In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Alister Sneddon, Technical Product Manager at Money Farm, about how he learned to communicate technical knowledge effectively to people who aren’t involved in tech. They also discuss keeping motivation up in the team, managing the ego’s of the team members and how remote work will fit into the future of business.

Show Notes:

1.41 What was Alister into when he was younger and how has that affected his career?

4.39 Always having an interest in how things work.

7.34 What attracts Alister to his work?

11.29 Being motivated by the ego or the work.

13.58 Acquiring communication skills to talk to non-technical people

18.25 Burnout and demotivation in a team

22.37 Acquiring and retaining talent

27.27 Feelings about the workplace becoming more remote

32.36 Most exciting technological developments over the next few years