In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Stuart McHugh, I.T manager at Bates Wells Braithwaite. In his role managing the IT Department, he delivers strategy, deployment, training, and operational support to his team. Outside of work, Stu was awarded vExpert status for 2012 -17.

On the show, he discusses the advantages and strategies of external networking, differing approaches to communicating within a business, and how best to get your department’s voice heard in a large company. They also touch on management and leadership styles.

Show Notes:

1.09 Progressing in I.T

2.45 Podcasts as a networking tool.

5.45 Discussing the uses of blogs and podcasts in a professional environment.

7.30 What particularly about VMware has motivated you.

9.33 What is the typical structure of an I.T team in a Law organisation.

11.55 Communication difficulties between technical and non-technical departments.

14.56 How to Develop leadership styles.

15.15 Communicating your department’s vision to your company.

17.57 Strategies to gauge your success within different departments your company.

21.17 Management styles and keeping a team engaged.

23.22 Keeping a team motivated.

25.11 Discussing leadership styles and getting the most out of your team.