Aubrey is a Head of DevOps contractor 

Aubrey counts DevOps amongst her biggest passions. Her past experiences has seen her working for the likes of likes of Pizza Hut and Travel Lodge. Aubrey enjoys reducing the friction between development and operations, especially the SRE model that emerged from Google.   

Aubrey is a massive advocate of creating a company culture that is supportive and innovative. She hasn’t always led a team this way though. She used to evangelise ‘cutthroat’, target driven methods to get her team’s projects completed on time. In her own words:

‘for those who knew me by another name, I am immensely sorry for being a massive asshole’  

Aubrey discusses why she changed her attitude toward leadership on today’s show.

Show Notes:

0.29 Being a member of the software development club.

4.47 Collaborating with tech talent.

7.15 Celebrating failure.

9.28 Creating career paths for technical people.

13.46 Reducing bureaucracy and increasing innovation.

18.20 Dress down in the office.

25.46 The pressure to perform.

28.16 Staying ahead of innovations in the tech space.

32.01 Getting excited by Kubernetes.