Charlie is the Senior Technical Recruiter and Ben is the Group CTO at GfK.

GfK harnesses big-data on consumers and brands to provide multi-national clients with actionable intelligence that helps inform their strategies and shapes markets.

GfK Tech is responsible for the entire life cycle of global market research applications. They develop applications for internal and external customers to enable big data. They apply modern technology and proven practices to solve problems around big data storage, big data processing, machine learning, and complex data visualisation. We build innovative greenfield cloud-native data analytics products. 


Ben is A passionate, customer and delivery focused global, digital technology leader with broad industry experience across media, financial services and retail as well as a top-tier consultancy foundation.


Charlie is responsible for managing hiring across GfK. He sources and places candidates in Architecture, Development, DevOps, Data Science, QA & UX/UI roles.

Creating a collaborative work environment 

‘In an agile working world, any team that wants to have success has to work collaboratively with other organisations and other parts of their business.

Take my role as a recruiter for example. Traditionally I’d be sat in the HR department working away. Now I’m more likely to be sat next to the CTO. The dynamics of how we operate has changed and I think this is a trend that stretches beyond HR and tech. This collaborative way of working has a positive impact on the entire hiring process.  

It creates better candidate engagement from the hiring manager. Improves direct feedback in the hiring process and foster greater trust between HR and tech teams in an organisation.

A collaborative, agile office also breaks down silo’s at work and empowers all teams to think outside the box when it comes to ways to attract candidates to our business. It gets us all into a creative headspace that lets us do things like podcasts, blogs, tech events which I believe create a better candidate experience.’ – Charlie   

Show Notes:

01.29 The battle for talent

03.30 Any business that wants success must foster collaboration between teams

07.00 Gaining business perspectives from your peers in other departments

09.56 How to rebrand an old company

13.14 What drives candidates to work for companies

18.29 Adapting your business with agile training 

20.40 Feedback loops have forced technical people to be more forward-facing 

23.32 Convincing colleague to embrace change

27.04 The strength of having a global reach 

28.58 Making sure your diversity drive isn’t a box-ticking exercise

31.01 Objective setting for the year