In this episode, Andy Davis talks Paul Pop, Senior Data Scientist and team lead at hudl. On the show, they discuss creating a collaborative environment for your data team and talk about how a varied team can provide better insight into your business. They also chat about the best practices for on-boarding Data professionals. Andy asks Paul how he determines the ROI of his Data teams and whether that’s actually possible.

Show Notes:

1.53 Is it a necessity to have an analytical and mathematical mind to be good at data?

4.04 The creative side of Data.

5.57 Is it more typical for Data Scientists to come from an engineering background.

7.48 Do you feel that from a business perspective you’re more pressured in a data role than a software role.

9.21 Working in a data science team

12.01 Do you think people would be surprised when they see how a Data Science team works.

15.02 The hiring process for onboarding Data professionals.

18.41 Paul’s background and career progression.

19.55 What do you hope to gain from Data from a macro perspective.

21.20 Is there still potential for innovation in the data space.

24.18 Articulating the precise business value of the Data teams output.

27.07 Why you shouldn’t expect a silver bullet from your Data Science team.

30.02 Justifying your ROI.