In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Thiago Carvalho, Engineering Manager at Wayfair. An avid proponent of the PHP programming language Thiago has been coding software with it for 9 years. In his current role, his main motivators are achieving his business objectives and creating a positive working environment where engineers can thrive.

He came on to the podcast to discuss keeping up in an ever-changing coding world, making sense of the various coding languages and trying to decipher which languages to invest your time in. He also touches on leadership in development and balancing technical know-how with people skills.

Show Notes:

1.20 How do you keep up with the quickly changing tech languages.

3.25 When and how did you get involved in technology?

4.27 Did you enjoy the technical aspects of the process of learning to code?

6.22 Was learning the people skills that accompany a management role a challenge?

7.37 What kind of leader are you and what type of leader do you aspire to be.

8.52 What direction do you think the development industry is heading in.

10.40 What advice would you give to people trying to make a career in development.

12.30 The demand for technical people to have an appreciation of commerce.

13.57 What characteristics do you feel keeps a person steady in the workplace.

15.06 What technologies are you excited about?

16.05 What excites you about specific coding languages?

18.06 How do coding languages become popular?