In this episode, Andy Davis talks to David Burns, the chief technology officer at Yell. They discuss the advantages of having a Co-founder when starting a business venture, the trials and tribulations of beginning a startup and how to stay focused in the face of success.

Show Notes

1.24 David’s background and career progression.

6.10 How did your start-up materialise?

7.25 The importance of external feedback.

9.11 Did you have a Co-founder for your venture?

13.40 How a Co-founder changes the dynamics of a business.

14.35 Have you always been motivated by Tech or has the outcomes of projects been a motivator for you?

16.45 How hands-on are you now working on the databases?

18.12 What are the focuses for you that you have to be most conscious of at this point in your business.

19.24 Balancing gaining new business and keeping up to date with technology.

20.50 Was there ever a point you thought you’d found a company or was it something that just happened?

22.10 The need to be motivated by success and outcomes when starting your own business.

25.16 How do you manage your excitement and enthusiasm when scoring successes with your business.

27.00 Company culture how do you create one? How does it evolve?