How to build an effective cloud strategy for your business – Fernando Hönig

Emerging Technologies & Business
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Fernando Hönig is the Principal AWS Cloud & DevOps Architect at DeltaHost.

Fernando Hönig was named as a 2018 AWS community hero. Over the past 18 months, he coached AWS User Group leaders across the world. He also founded a Spanish language LinkedIn Group, Slack Community & YouTube Channel where he shares insights on getting the most out of AWS Cloud.

Fernando has an impressive track record of bringing the power of cloud infrastructure to enterprise organisations. He has 15 years of IT architecture and management experience. His specialty is transforming outdated IT infrastructure into a modern, responsive system that integrates social, mobile, and cloud technologies.

Show notes:

1.12 Making company meetings more productive.

1.46 Fernando’s route into DevOps.

4.29 Fernando’s professional motivations.

6.38 The external factors that influence cloud strategy.

10.25 The most compelling applications of AWS.

12.15 Using automation to improve time management  

13.46 Dispelling concerns around adopting new technologies.

15.28 The traits of an ideal Deltahost candidate.

17.10 Learn new skills or master the skills you already have?

18.31 The biggest change you’ve seen in the tech sector?  

19.34 Fernando’s future business goals.