Chris Astall is Group Director of Architecture at Photobox

Twenty years of success in various technical roles has equipped Chris with a deep knowledge and passion for cutting-edge tech. He is a gifted communicator who relishes the opportunity to convey the benefits of technology to stakeholders and business leaders alike.

A strategic leader Chris has built, developed and motivated IT teams across a variety of companies ranging from large enterprise companies and innovative startups.    


Photobox Group is Europe’s leading digital consumer service for personalised products and gifts. From photobooks and unique artwork to the very latest personalised apparel, gifts, and greeting cards. Photobox products enable customers across 15 countries to share memories, celebrate great moments and inject personal expression into their everyday lives.  


Creating non-traditional career paths into technical roles is a key focus of the show. Chris discusses the pro’s and con’s of a technical degree when there are so many resources online. He also wades into the waterfall vs agile debate talking us through his own experiences with both methodologies and decides on a favourite.      




Show Notes:

00.31 Acquiring technical skills.

05.51 Traditional vs non-traditional.

10.40 Are bigger projects more difficult?

13.42 How did you start the Photobox project.

17.42 Building a team.

19.25 Embracing an agile way of working.

24.01 Finding purpose in your work.

27.53 You need to enjoy your career