Barry is CIO at Domino’s Pizza UK & Ireland.

Barry has had a varied career working in finance, FMCG, manufacturing and, most recently, pizza. He spent 5 years as the chief information officer at Domino’s in Australia before moving companies only to return to the fold early last year. After 6 years at Parmalat Australia, he is now the CIO of Domino’s UK.

Domino’s, along with many other companies, is reacting to the changes brought about by data. Utilising data to its full potential is what separates good and great companies. Barry is responsible for ensuring Domino’s is getting the most out of its technology and data.   

0.32 Finding talent that can help you achieve your business goals.

4.36 Ensuring compliance with GDPR.

7.16 Scoring some free pizza.

9.08 Domino’s the data company?

11.41 Using company culture as a vehicle to roll out change in a business.

13.48 When did companies become all about the data?

16.18 How has the CIO role changed over your career?

17.42 The software talent gap in the UK.

20.37 Why is there a software skills shortage in Britain?

22.41 Automation gives us the time spend more time on business strategy?

25.08 Next gen tech: The digital workspace.

28.34 Working in a ‘happening’ workspace.

29.47 Creating a collaborative work culture.

31.48 What keeps getting you out of bed every morning?

34.46 Finding a scene of purpose in your work.

36.10 Advice for those starting their data careers?