How to be a Chief Operating Officer – Jennifer Geary

Leadership Styles
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In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Jennifer Geary, author of the new book – “How to be a Chief Operating Officer” and previously COO at Save The Children. Jennifer discusses working as a COO in the charitable sector, shifts in the world of tech, the positive impacts of technology and new challenges in the future.

Show Notes:

1.57 What was Jenny like when she was younger?

2.37 Her father’s influence on her early technology interest

4.11 Working in the financial world

7.08 Value creation in IT and knowing where the company is going

8.57 Managing transformations in technology

10.28 Future fundamental shifts

12.17 Positive impacts of technology

14.11 Moving to Save the Children UK

16.25 Working in philanthropy

17.00 The Childs Eye Foundation

19.15 Taking on a COO role

20.36 Writing a book about being proficient in a COO role

23.15 Finding the discipline for writing

25.43 Finding new challenges for the future

27.01 Forthcoming exciting innovations