In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Caroline Carruthers & Peter Jackson, the authors of the Chief Data Officer’s playbook. The CDO’s playbook is a practical, must-read guide for data leaders seeking to create real value from data.

In the show, they discuss the position of a CDO and dispel many common misconceptions associated with the role. They also chat about the difficulty some businesses have when trying to discern the ROI of their data teams. Conversation also touches on the direction that Big Data is heading in and finishes with talk of Caroline and Peter’s first book.

Show Notes:

1.54 Tackling the common misconceptions around the CDO.

5.35 The pressure on the macroeconomy to invest in data.

8.06 Why are industry leaders not seeing an ROI in their data teams.

10.49 Navigating the lack of understanding some people have around the role of a data team.

12.36 Dissecting the head of monetisation role.

14.30 Data transformation in a business requiring a cultural change.

16.13 Discussing the term “Data Driven”.

18.20 Relying on data 100% of the time to make business decisions.

20.21 Building a professional relationship.

23.25 Collaborating on the Chief Data Officer’s playbook.

25.43 Using Peter and Caroline’s book as a way of formalising an approach to Data.

28.13 The direction of Data.

29.40 Who was the target audience of your book.

30.59 What’s been the most unexpected events to happen in the data space since you’ve started your careers.

32.09 The vast array of talent getting involved in data now.