In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Barry Green, the Chief Data Officer at the Bank of Ireland. He chats to Andy about how best to manage a data team. They also discuss how to instigate a cultural shift in your company to make it more data focused.

Barry Green is a Chief Data Officer with a consistent record of delivering business and change programmes. He has achieved this through strong financial, process, consulting and relationship management skills. He also possesses excellent programme management experience in a variety of operating environments. Barry is adept at networking and communicating across an organisation to effect change.

Show Notes:

1.06 The role and evolution of the CDO?

2.26 Managing the broad set of individuals who work in Data.

6.25 From your experiences do you find you have to manage the expectations that people have around data.

10.04 Using data as a means to instigate cultural change in a company.

14.07 Being persistent when trying to convert your staff to a data way of thinking.

15.43 Is there ever a concern on an individual level about what people are going to get out of a data-driven company.

18.11 Do you rely on your external network when trying to solve your business problems.

19.55 The strength of the CDO network and using the community to instigate change in businesses.

22.25 When did you realise you were motivated by data?

24.29 Being at the forefront of the data revolution?

25.46 Do you think data teams are helping promote diversity in the tech industry.