Ezgi Ture is a former BI & Analytics Manager at ODEON Cinemas. Ezgi is a specialist in Banking, Business Analysis, Customer Insight, Segmentation, and Data-driven Analytics.

Ezgi’s role bridged the perennial gap between IT and business. Keeping a foot in both worlds gives her a unique insight into the challenges faced by data leaders in large organisations. On the podcast, she also offers some helpful advice for those looking to get ahead in the data sector.

Show Notes:

0.32 London vs Europe, whose more excited about data.

3.41 Moving to London to get the best data career.

5.54 Ezgi’s career progression in data.

7.58 Optimising your current tech.

16.15 Misconceptions about the uses and business outcomes of data.

24.11 Advice for those seeking a career in data.