In this episode Andy Davis talks to John Donoghue, Director of Development at Smart Communications, about the changing world of development over the last 10 years, keeping yourself educated and taking the step up to management.

Show Notes:

1.19 How John first became interested in technology and development
2.13 Gaming as a gateway into learning computers and coding
3.58 How John has seen tech and the internet change over 10 years
5.44 Is development work motivated by the outcomes?
7.34 More business acumen in younger generation of developers
11.01 The most challenging part of a management transition
15.03 What characteristics John looks for in a management candidate
17.07 Retaining staff, especially millennials
18.35 The importance of a work-life balance
24.05 Most exciting technological innovations around at the moment
26.47 How the team decides what to work on and where to spend the money
30.22 Choosing to work in an Agile way
35.45 John’s advice based on career experience