“It started when I took my first leadership position. I remember thinking; If I’m not challenging myself at least three times a day and becoming a better leader then how can help my team improve themselves” Rhonda Vetere

Rhonda Vetere is the CTO at Estee Lauder.

Rhonda isn’t afraid of taking risks. She thrives on pushing herself, friends, and colleagues to their fullest. Whether that’s by running marathons in snowy New York or encouraging her team to take risks in business.

Rhonda management styles involves challenging herself and her peers 3 times a day. She developed this approach to management to ensure she’s always learning and adapting to change.

Her leadership style is the focus of the podcast. Rhonda tells Andy how she developed her ‘3 challenges a day’ methodology. And what this has done for her life and career.

Show Notes:

1.06 Innovation & Technology.

4.10 New technologies and methodologies in business.

6.40 Leadership and “servant leadership”

8.55 Rapid change in the technology sphere.

10.09 What technologies make business sense for your company.

12.15 The hiring process.

13.06 Macro business objectives vs the tech department.

14.12 Rhonda’s interest in technology?

15.15 Challenging yourself and your peers 3 times a day.

17.30 Motivating others.

19.00 realising the long-term rewards of your efforts.  

22.15 Motivating yourself.

24.04 The glorification of “looking busy”

27.43 Understanding your staff.

30.40 What technological developments are you excited to see.