Leon is the Founder and CPO/CSO at Elsewhen

When he began his career Leon saw Software Engineering as a side-project. He finished an arts degree and started creating generative art using computers. This sparked his interest in software, he rejected an arts master and pivoted into a career where he could solve real-world problems.

As a software engineer Leon wanted to bring together the disparate aspects of product development and business and let business owners gain more control of their product journey. So he started Elsewhen.  

Find out more about Elsewhen here: http://bit.ly/elsepod1 

The Vision for elsewhen

‘Our vision has changed significantly in the last 2-3 years. We didn’t want to set up a fund and deal with everything that goes along with that. We saw an opportunity in the corporate landscape to come in with a service and an offering that’s different from what is provided by incubators. 

So we help businesses either launch new digital products and services or we work as part of a digital transformation agenda. Again, we come in with a more execution orientated, modern startup process than you would find in a traditional consultancy or the really big incubators.     

The consumerisation of enterprise software through the process and also the level of output is what Elsewhen is interested in’ – Leon Gauhman   

Show Notes:

00.46 Leon’s entrepreneurial journey 

03.00 Building companies and taking equity 

03.57 The vision for Elsewhen

06.55 Fundraising through a VC

08.49 Raising money in a funding round doesn’t mean you’re a success

10.58 Thirty-seven signals

13.32 The drawbacks of VC funding

15.27 Undertaking a mentoring project 

17.03 Where’s the most compelling innovation coming from at the moment?

23.26 Automated vehicles 

27.47 Innovation in a corporate sense

31.35 Where can we find out more about Elsewhen