CEO Stories: Personalising health and wellness using 3D printing @ Get Nourish3d | Melissa Snover

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Melissa Snover is CEO and Founder at Nourish3d and Script3d.
Melissa is an award-winning entrepreneur and visionary in the world of food technology. Having started her first company at the age of 23, she has been bringing innovative products to the consumer market ever since. She is a passionate supporter of women in business, as well as being a dedicated mentor; encouraging young people of all backgrounds to begin studying in STEM fields.
Nourish3d is the world’s first truly personalised nutrition product. Using patented 3D printing technology and a vegan encapsulation formula to create totally bespoke and delicious vitamin stacks.
During this podcast episode, Ben sits down with Melissa to discuss how the business began, the inspiration behind starting the business and how Melissa has used 3D printing to create a solution to combat the limited constraints of mass production in confectionery. As well as Melissa’s experience appearing on the BBC Series Dragons Den.