Katy is the Managing Director at Socialchain

Katy’s spent her career in media and marketing. She was the head of New Media and Marketing at MediaCom north before moving to Socialchain. 

In this podcast, Andy and Katy talk about the growth of Socialchain, the ups, and downs of agency work and the advantages of podcasting.  

When she’s not working at Socialchain Katy is busy hosting her own podcast, ‘I shouldn’t say this but…’ (http://bit.ly/katy-podcast). 

Following a career path is redundant

In the 21st century, there’s no such thing as one job for life. It’s never been easier for people to move between careers and companies. Businesses now place more emphasis on achievements than tenure and this lets professionals pursue interesting and engaging projects. Katy Leeson spoke about this shift in mentality on the show.    

‘It’s now a lot more natural for employees to spend 18 months or 2 years at a company then decide to move somewhere else. Movement like this can make it a bit more difficult for you when you’re reading CV’s because you can’t get a full picture of what the candidate’s motivations are.

But I think now, you are completely correct, you don’t need to follow a career path. The idea that you start your career in one place and follow a linear path until you reach CEO or whatever is redundant really.  

Having this freedom of movement in your career allows people to move into roles that can teach them new things. Changing direction is easier than ever before and people can move to work on interesting and thought-provoking projects.  

As a hiring manager though, you do need to check that a new starter has been making these moves for the right reasons. Jumping around in your career is great if you’re moving to opportunities where you’re learning and having a positive impact on a company. 

But if you’re moving from company to company because you find your work difficult or you can’t overcome some career hurdles that isn’t a great sign.

But I think when you meet someone and you’re interviewing them you can figure out very quickly whether they’re moving roles because they’re finding their job difficult or they’re moving because they’ve learned all the can from a current role and now they want to move on to a new challenge.’

Show notes:

00.32 Socialchain the northern success story 

01.16 Manchester’s social media hub

02.57 The advantages of podcasting

04.12 Leveraging technology 

06.02 Finding learning opportunities

08.23 career paths are redundant 

10.11 Socialchain’s culture and hiring process

11.41 Socialchain’s rapid growth 

15.00 Risk, reward & agency work 

17.47 Creating a sense of pride in your employees 

18.51 Setting yourself personal and career goals 

20.52 Finding times to reflect on your career

22.49 What advice would you give your younger self?


Location: Northern Powerhouse