In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Adrian Wigley, I.T Service Manager at ShawBrook Bank. They talk about Adrian’s route into the I.T profession and his career in technology. They also discuss the pros and cons of a university education and the increased responsibility faced by technical people in the 21st century.

Show Notes:

1.10 Having multiple careers over the course of your life.

3.15 Did you feel pressured into obtaining a degree.

7.03 The pushback when trying to enter the working world without a degree.

13.11 The imagined differences between candidates with differing levels of education.

16.13 Talking about the increased responsibilities of technical people in the 21st century.

19.39 Product managers and combining business skills and technical skills.

22.23 Adrian’s experience seeing the I.T profession from a technical and business viewpoint.

25.03 Where do you see your career heading in the future?