In this episode Andy Davis talks to Amelia Bradshaw, HR director at Inviqa, about her career in HR, improving diversity in the workplace and how to deal with employees who frequently move jobs.

Show Notes:

1.22 What made Amelia get into HR?

2.43 What are the common misconceptions about HR?

4.37 Is it important that everyone in a company knows what HR does?

5.33 HR being important for new managers

7.33 Amelia’s favourite types of projects

10.23 How to deal with the unpredictability of people

13.03 Leading the company by example of HR team management

14.44 Are HR skills innate or can they be taught

17.45 Main cultural changes in organisational structures over the last decade

18.42 An increased focus on diversity

21.15 Helping improve diversity in the workplace

23.17 Staff retention and younger people moving jobs more frequently

24.55 The pros and cons of changing staff more regularly