In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Robert Bluman, an editor and host of the podcast Software Engineering Radio and also a lead DevOps Engineer. On the show, he chats to Andy about having a career change from a software engineering role to a DevOps engineer. He also discusses his role at Software Engineering Radio.   

Robert Blumen is a DevOps engineer at Salesforce with more than 25 years’ experience in software development, programming, architecture, and media production. His interests include software architecture, scalability, high availability, persistence, big data, and DevOps. Robert is a graduate of Stanford University and the University of California Berkeley.

Show Notes:

1.09 The history of Software Engineering Radio.

2.27 The sharing community that has been built around the technical community.  

5.25 The importance of having a strong team dynamic as well as a team with great technical skills.

7.11 What were the reasons behind you moving to a DevOps position.

8.21 DevOps as a cultural shift, not a technical discipline.

9.24 Will DevOps evolve again?

10.58 Do you still work on projects around work?

12.02 Progressing into the managerial role?

12.37 Company’s creating paths for employees who don’t want to progress into management.    

14.22 How have your responsibilities with software engineering radio changed since you started.

17.04 What’s the typical feedback you like to receive for software engineering radio.  

19.23 Audience interaction with your podcast.

21.34 Generating revenue from podcasts.

23.14 Podcasts and their competitive marketplace.

24.55 Committing to producing content.

26.58 How long did it take Software engineering radio to grow.