In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Graeme McDermott, Chief Data Officer at Addison Lee. On the show, they discuss how the CDO fits into the C-suite. Andy asks Graeme how a Chief Data Officer can collaborate with a Chief Finance Officer. They also chat about how best to align Data with the goals of your business. Graeme tells Andy how he manages the different personalities in his Data team.    

Show Notes:

1.06 How do we determine whether a company needs a CDO.

4.34 Defining the role of a CDO more closely and the evolution of a CDO.

7.29 The goals of your business have a significant impact on the role of a CDO.

10.38 Is there a skill in being able to align the capabilities of data with the goals of your business.

12.31 There’s not enough time in the day be the both technical and a manager.

13.47 What were the team dynamics like when you were progressing through your career.   

19.07 Having the ability to get things done.

20.05 Managing the different motivations of your team.  

23.51 It’s important for people to work on things they’re passionate about.

25.25 How the CDO role aligns with the C-suite.

30.20 The CDO collaborating with the CFO.

33.09 From your experiences what advice would you give new people entering the CDO role.