In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Andy Brierley, the Vice President of IBM. On the show, they discuss how IBM has developed from a hardware manufacturer to a services provider. They also discuss business transformation more generally. Talk also turns to Andy’s background and motivations.   

Andy is the Vice President Of Technology Services at IBM. He has a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. He is skilled in Business Process, Enterprise Software, ITIL, IT Service Management, and IT Strategy.

Show Note:

1.13 How do you stay relevant as a company and a business?  

6.43 How closely do you have to work with the technical people inside IBM.

12.57 Outsourcing IT platforms.

14.37 How much project management is required in your role and how is your team comprised?

17.45 Andy’s background and career development.    

24.44 How big a role does corporate culture play in keeping you motivated.