Bryan is the Head of Technology at Forestreet

First and foremost Bryan is a data strategist. His background is in building data systems, he’s been doing that for around twenty years. Around ten years ago he transitioned to data strategy where he now supports business strategies with data strategies. 

Bryan joined Forestreet a couple of years ago. Before Forestreet Bryan was building an AI and automation solution that tracked every IT company in the world. The idea behind that was: as a technology advisor Bryan could know exactly which companies he could recommend to solve a company’s business problem. He now does this for Forestreet. 

Show Notes:

00.50 Bryan’s background and career progression

03.17 Data engineering isn’t building a data warehouse 

06.28 Understanding your data problems 

13.17 Building a proactive culture around data  

17.52 A step by step guide for implementing data structures

20.52 Your startup needs a data architect

23.23 If you do your data right, that’s your business

25.24 Careers at Forestreet