Today’s Guest is Sam Levy on the importance of business mentors. Sam is The Head of Growth at the incredibly popular dating app Hinge. Sam holds a degree in mathematical economics and started his career out as a business analyst eventually moving over to LivingSocial another incredibly successful startup that’s now one of the largest online e-commerce. Sam has been instrumental in the growth of several successful companies and today shares his insights on the most overlooked aspect of growth, staffing…

Show Notes:

Who is Sam and where does he work? 1.01

Sam’s leadership style and how it has developed 1.28

Leadership style of Sam’s business mentors 3.28

Leadership style and management style are not the same 4.02

Different tactics to motivate different talent pools 5.17

Consistent one-on-ones in order to learn personal management styles 6.35

How overlooked is on-boarding as part of business growth? 7.45

Allocating resources to the recruitment process when on a budget 9.22

The hiring book 10.07

Every person you hire has an impact on the company 12.07

Should a startup be using staffing firms? 14.32

Top leadership tips 15.45

Building a company’s culture 16.44