In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Jonathan Leedham, B.I manager at On today’s podcast, he chats to Andy about the differences and widening gap between Business Intelligence and Big Data and how these diverging fields are sculpting the skillsets required for entry-level employees. They also discuss whether the business outcomes of a company are ever affected by technological advances and look at the pros and cons of taking a purely data-driven approach to your business problems.

Jonathon’s varied career has taken him from working with I.T outsourcing companies right through to public sector work with the NHS. Underpinning all his efforts has been the desire to fit the most appropriate technological solution to a business’s problems and, where necessary, throwing in the B.I Life ring to rescue employee’s drowning in Data.

Show Notes:

1.12 Differentiating BI and Big Data.

3.32 Deciding between BI and Big data.

4.33 AI and automation affecting the skills people in your discipline.

5.41 Changes in data affecting the way employees operate.

7.47 Have you enjoyed the shift in data and BI.

8.43 You need a broader set of skills to be a success in tech today.

10.14 Do the required outcomes from a business perspective ever change?

11.53 Have you ever been surprised about some of the things you’ve uncovered working in data.

13.10 Outside of what is your background.

14.52 Data science becoming integral to the products you’re producing.

15.43 Taking a data driven approach to how we work.

17.05 How closely do we consider data, especially when factoring in the human element of business.

18.21 How do you communicate your data findings with high-level people.

19.48 Although we’re looking at data we’re still reliant on the human element of how we’re going to approach data.

21.00 What are your thought on Google taking on the jobs market?

21.48 Moving forward what are your career goals?

23.46 What technology are you most interested to see come out in the next few years?