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Hayley is the Business Intelligence Manager at Virgin Atlantic Airlines. 

Hayley’s path into business intelligence is an unconventional one. She originally studied theology in Las Vegas and initially wanted to be a pastor in the US.   

Her first job out of university was in a bank. She worked in Finance for a while before getting recruited by a stockbroker and moved into investment management for a decade. During this time she first encountered big data began working closely with datasets and business intelligence.

3-years ago she decided she wanted a change and moved to London. She stayed in data and has worked in everything from fashion to Starbucks and she’s now at Virgin Atlantic. 

Show Notes:

01.51 Hayley’s background and career   

03.52 There’s no linear path into data.

05.54 Technical tools are great enablers for a business

06.44 Experience is under-represented in the hiring process

09.20 Trying to plan your career journey

10.20 Hayley’s current projects 

13.28 Getting your data fundamentals right 

15.25 The evolution of data 

16.53 Getting to know people 

18.54 Building a culture that’s ready for a data team

21.27 The culture at Virgin Atlantic 

22.56 Soft skills 

24.52 Richard Branson the excentric millionaire 

26.30 Careers at Virgin Atlantic