In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Alexis Pratsides, managing director at MintTwist. Alexis is always at the forefront of the latest trends in web design, development, and digital marketing. A champion of the internet, especially as a tool for business growth Alexis, has aimed to instill these values in everything he does as MD of Mint Twist.

He chats to Andy about the challenges around creating a positive work culture and maintaining that approach in the face of quick business growth. They also look at ways to approach creating ideas in business and why it is important to build and maintain relationships.

Show notes:

1.07 Understanding of a Managing Directors role.

2.30 Discussing the challenges around culture and people.

4.39 The importance of transparency in business.

5.49 Maintaining work relationships in the face quick growth.

6.41 Dispelling the illusion that work culture isn’t important in business.

7.25 Forming fruitful relationships with clients and employers.

9.03 Finding practical solutions that work for your business.

11.35 Finding people whose skills fit with your team.

14.58 The role of people skills in the tech industry.

15.40 How important is external feedback for you as an MD.

18.08 Do you find collaboration helps in your creative thought process.

19.26 Different methods teams can use to generate ideas to solve problems.

21.44 In a professional context what continues to motivate you?