Marta Jasinska is Chief Technology Officer at Moo.

Marta is a leader in both technology and engineering. She specialises in mid to large scale web platform development for e-commerce, gaming, apps and more.


MOO launched in 2006 and aims to disrupt the trillion-dollar global print industry by combining the values of professional design with accessibility and reach of the web. With rapid annual growth, MOO has become one of the fastest growing print businesses in the world and has over 500 employees in 6 locations across the UK and US.


How to successfully scale a company is the key focus of this podcast. Andy asks Marta about the various factors both within a tech team and a business as a whole that can both drive growth and hamper it.



Show Notes:

00.32 Scaling a new project.

05.23 Planning out your scale-up project.

07.10 Do you need to be ambitious to scale a tech stack?

08.28 What other factors in a business can affect the growth of your tech stack.

11.24 When your role exceeds your technical abilities.

13.45 Getting technical people into a business mindset.

15.37 You don’t need to pursue an executive role.

16.40 Tech is leading the need for change management.

19.35 Peoples contributions to projects.

22.11 Working with large-scale remote teams.