“Business advice can be really dangerous. If people are taking advice as gospel it’s dangerous because you can receive advice from a mentor that applied to them 20, 30 years ago. Their business problems are different to yours and the pressures they were facing can be miles away from the ones you face today.

What advice is, most of the time is what’s worked for someone else. So with advice, take it in but don’t use it, don’t look at it as advice. It’s just knowledge and experience. Make sure you soak up as much experience as you can and apply it to your own problems.” Jamie commenting on the dangers of taking business advice at face value.

Jamie is founder and CEO of Jungle Creations

There are exciting times ahead for Jamie and Jungle Creations. He’s four years into his startup journey and currently going through his series A funding round. Jamie is a serial entrepreneur, starting his first business whilst at university in Manchester.

Jungle Creations

Jungle Creations is a leading media company for the social age, solely focused on delivering high-quality content to their audience of over 80 million followers generating up to 5.5 billion video views and 20 million unique users to their sites each month. With millions of followers at their fingertips, they create original content for some of the biggest brands in the world and share that content with their unique communities, which include the likes of VT, Twisted, Level Fitness, Four Nine and World Unknown.


He sat down with Andy to talk about growing your business, ensuring you get a healthy work-life balance and why you should always take advice with a pinch of salt.

Show Notes:

00.30 Going through a series A funding round.

01.48 Getting your work-life balance right.

05.02 Implementing a positive work culture when your company’s growing.

09.01 Finding a mentor when starting your own business.

13.26 Advice can be dangerous.

15.42 Don’t get distracted from your vision.

18.55 Jamie’s background and career progression.

25.55 What’s next for Jungle Creations.