Steve is the CEO & Co-Founder at WIREWAX

WIREWAX is the world’s leading interactive video technology company. WIREWAX first developed it’s award-winning interactive technology during the early days of YouTube and has grown exponentially since then.

This growth is the focus of the show and Steve takes Andy through the product development of Wirewax, detailing its founding and where it is today.

They also discuss the pros and cons of working for large corporates vs startups and how millennials view their career trajectories.


WIREWAX is the multi-award-winning technology powering the world’s interactive video. They’re driven by the fundamental belief that video should be as connected and accessible as the rest of the information on the internet. Utilizing a powerful combination of computer vision and artificial intelligence, we help brands, creative agencies and broadcasters create highly engaging video experiences.

Podcast Show Notes:

00.32 Don’t work for big tech companies.

07.05 Millenial’s pragmatic decision-making process.   

09.02 Wirewax, the world’s first motion tracking based interactive video solution.

16.13 Moving from a corporate to a startup? Will you be productive?  

19.52 Don’t restrict your career by only doing the role you applied for.