In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Chris Michael, Interim Head of Technology at Open Banking. Chris has over 25 years’ experience of building a strong tech team, platforms, and products for global brands, across many sectors. He has managed multi-million-pound budgets, saved tens of millions and generated hundreds of millions of benefits.

He came on the show to discuss building a tech team of digital experts, “Pi” shaped people and GDPR.

Show Notes:

1.09 Background and what ventures have you been compelled to take part in.

5.20 Becoming C.T.O of Karmarama Ad-agency.

7.20 Move to the ministry of Justice and then banking.

8.18 Building up a team of digital experts.

9.25 Knowing what good technology looks like.

10.48 Building a team of people with complementary skills.

12.03 Discussing “Pi” shaped people.

15.47 Overlooking the importance of people in a business.

16.30 Big companies looking to be like a start-up.

18.32 GDPR and Chris’ current project.

22.45 Google photos.

24.14 Talking about the impact of GDPR.

27.24 What keeps you motivated.