In this Episode, Andy Davis talks to Jon Peterson, Development Manager at Argus Media. They chat about why team leaders need to reinforce to their staff the importance of building software that solves problems. They also touch on internal communication issues in business and how to best explain your technical goals to non-technical people.

Jon is an experienced technologist and leader, focusing on product development, development team building, and adjusting corporate culture to fit with new digital trends. His vast career experience covers UX, Knowledge discovery, workflow integration & access control and identity management.

Show Notes:

1.17 What were the first technologies you learned

4.50 What strategies did you employ when trying to learn some new tech.

6.44 Confusing company culture and personal development.

10.26 How can other departments influences on a company’s culture affect a tech team?

12.19 Technical teams need to be aware of macro business goals.

14.24 Making sure other teams know what the tech team is doing.

15.48 Do technical people lack the fundamentals of their role?

18.08 Ultimately building software that solves problems.

19.24 Internal communication issues within teams.

21.26 Making the transition into a management position.

23.59 The fulfillment you gain out of management.

26.45 Is there any technology coming in the near future that you think will impact your team or company in general.