Building online communities – Ciaran Burke

Methodologies & Skills Development
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Ciaran is the COO & Co-founder at Swoop 

Ciaran is a business and economics graduate from Trinity College Dublin. He began his career at KPMG in Sydney as a Senior Market Analyst before moving to London where he worked as a management consultant with a range of clients including EY, Intersport, Vodafone, and Oakley. Ciaran found a passion for growing businesses and building communities around them which brought him to Hiive in September 2013.

At Hiive, he oversaw the development and successful launch of, the professional network for creative people which now has over 150,000 registered members and 4,500 businesses on board including Google, BBC, Facebook, Framestore, Channel 4, Penguin and Sony.

In 2018, he co-founded Swoop, an online platform for SMEs looking to raise finance through debt, equity, and grants. Ciaran has overseen the development and launch of the platform which simplifies and speeds up access to loans, grants, equity funding and savings for businesses across the UK and Ireland. 

Show Notes:

00.43 Ciaran’s career journey 

02.53 Building communities 

07.35 Barriers for entry when creating communities 

12.21 Creating your startup

16.18 The Swoop story

20.16 Hitting your first 1000 businesses

21.56 Planning for the future

25.19 Where can you find Swoop