Omari is Chief Product Engineer at Yoti.

A hacker at heart, Omari has been tinkering with computers and code since he was thirteen. He started his career as a web developer but as the years went on his passion migrated towards product engineering and strategy. Working on solutions that provide new ways for people to interact with the digital world is what makes Omari tick.  

Omari has worked across the entire business spectrum; from technical product development to database management. He has a broad set of technical skills and the entrepreneurial acumen to apply them in a way that’s in line with a company’s wider business goals. He uses those skills in today’s podcast to discuss building software teams and how computer games and DJing kept him focused on his career.    

Show Notes:

0.29 Professional career breaks.

4.29 Taking a disciplined approach to business.

5.54 Developing good habits for business when growing up.

7.41 Remaining focused throughout your career.

9.52 Traits of great software engineers.

11.18 Omari’s approach to team building.

13.41 The best team building environments.

15.38 Embracing and celebrating failure.

17.31 Are technical teams under more pressure now?

19.30 Becoming more commercially aware as a technical person.

21.45 Moving into management.

24.44 Staying hands-on in a management position.

26.12 Keeping up with evolving tech.

29.32 Detecting false opinions online.