In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Steve Perry, Head of Data at Kurtosys Systems. Steve is a highly driven data professional with a track record of hitting challenges head-on and providing enterprise solutions that consistently deliver. He possesses an extensive field of experience and provides a dynamic approach to problem solving and databases.

He talks to Andy about the growth of big data and how concerns around databases have changed over time. They also discuss viewing databases from a business and technical angle as well as how best to manage a team of data scientists.

Show Notes:

1.11 Working on Data Bases and looking at them from a security perspective.

3.19 How have the concerns around databases changed since you started your career.

5.11 What is it that’s forcing you into creating a separate database from a legacy one.

7.24 Are a lot of the solutions and tools we’re using now driven by consumer demand.

9.55 Viewing data from a business as well as a technical standpoint.

11.46 Looking for candidates with technical, business and people skills.

13.20 Acquiring leadership skills and leading teams.

14.10 Working in an agile way.

15.23 The sense of achievement you get from seeing others achieve.