“If you starting a career in software late it would be a little daunting. I see it with junior developers at AnyVan. I’ve got some really talented people on my team and even if you’re a seasoned developer you’re working with a big system that’s been built over 9 years. There are people at AnyVan that really know what’s going on.

So even though on paper you look like you’ve got a lot of experience it can be difficult when someone reviews your code and says ‘you’ve done this wrong and this wrong’.  

Hopefully, they don’t put it that way they put it in a nice way, we have to make an effort to be friendly and informative when correcting errors. We need to make sure people are given all the support they need”


Tim Ronayne is the CTO at AnyVan.com

Tim has been with AnyVan since its inception. After building their website back in 2009 he has helped build out their team of engineers to constantly improve the site. By expanding the site to new areas Tim has seen their user base grow beyond 3 million.   

Since working for Apple’s support line in Australia back in the 80’s Tim moved from aeronautical engineering degree to a computer science one and learned computing by working for Apple. He moved to web development in the early 2000’s and freelanced until 2009.  


Launched in 2009, AnyVan.com now has over 2.9 million users, 60,000 transport companies, and partnerships with Gumtree, Zoopla, and Preloved. Their low prices and customer service quality have earned them over 20,000 Trustpilot reviews with a score of 9.5/10.


On the show, Tim chats to Andy about the ‘data rockstars’ and whether the term is good for big data. They also talk about onboarding new staff and overcoming Australia based challenges.  

Show Notes:

00.32 How Tim got started in software.

04.34 Do people see tech as a daunting career choice?

06.30 Overcoming import challenges to get a computer in Australia.

07.58 What personality traits will stand you in good stead as a software engineer?

09.54 Opposing the idea of ‘data rockstars’.

15.45 Do developers feel vulnerable?

17.19 Hiring staff that want to constantly learn.

21.09 Tim joining AnyVan.com.

23.32 Looking at old website designs to gauge how much tech has changed.

24.56 Building a platform business from scratch.

27.56 What business problems do you currently face?

30.21 Can building a lean team hinder your growth in the long run.

32.56 Forcing yourself to be more commercially aware.

34.53 Setting goals for yourself and your team.