In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Adam Gill, the founder of Sirius.Red. They discuss Adams blogging career and how blogs can help with one’s creative processes and problem-solving. Andy asks Adam about transitioning into management and the importance of team dynamics. They also chat about blogging about tech.

Show Notes:

1.09 Had you always planned to write a blog?

2.32 Does writing a blog help with your creative process and solving problems?

4.21 Blogging as a tool for articulating difficult concepts.

5.51 Getting management ideas from your blog creation.

7.30 Do you take inspiration from your team when writing your blog?

8.49 What was your initial transition to management like?

13.58 What’s your current management situation now?

16.46 The importance of team dynamics when managing a business and a team.

19.18 Continual learning and the rapid pace of change in technology.

21.42 Have you always subscribed to an agile methodology?

23.53 Do you consider yourself a technologist and what technologies are you most excited about.