Greg Hawkins is the Chief Technology Officer at Starling Bank.

Starling is a mobile-only current account that gives people full control over their money and data. Greg is bringing his customer’s finances into the present with an app that harnesses the full power of modern tech. Moving beyond the traditional confines of an app and cash card, Starling makes financial management effortless and empowering.

In essence, it’s a bank that doesn’t look much like a bank at all.

Greg joined Starling as the Head of Engineering before progressing to CTO. Working during a period of rapid expansion, Greg has relied heavily on agile methodologies. He combines his agile mindset with his proven track record of introducing change and improving development practices.

This has made him a one-stop-shop for advice on managing teams in an agile way, Fintech app development, and the disruption Blockchain is sowing in society.

 Show Notes:

1.05 Learning to code.

2.45 Technology as a solution to real-life problems.

4.18 Making better business decisions.

5.42 Broad understanding vs niche understanding in tech.

8.01 The sharing economy in tech.

10.54 Choosing a career path as a technical person.

14.17 How external factors can change your perspective on work.

15.55 Getting your first management position.

18.50 Vision in business.

21.34 Why changing culture is difficult.  

23.24 Current state of affairs at Starling Bank

25.42 The value in office location.

27.36 What banking will look like 5 years from now.

30.39 Why constant innovation is now a necessity.