Today’s guest is Bruce Pon, Founder  BigChainDB – The scalable blockchain database that builds blockchain database technology outside the realms of the bitcoin application.… Bruce gives us a fascinating insight into the world of blockchain technology.

Show Notes:

1.42 Technology interests when Bruce was a child 

2.27 When did Bruce learn to programme 

5.22 Rolling out the internet in a decentralised space 

6.05 What are the differences between centralised and decentralised internet? 

12.30 Weaknesses to centralisation 

15.22 The main concerns about decentralisation 

16.59 What’s next in the decentralisation pipeline? 

18.19 Data as an asset in data-driven use cases 

22.24 Hardware to gather data 

25.52 The digital world advancing faster than the hardware 

30.24 Groups of invention 

37.02 Organisations working to develop and train more programmers 

38.22 Policy and education points that organisations need to focus on 

40.00 What sort of personality fits at BigChainDB?