In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Steve Davis, Co-Founder & CTO at Signafire. Steve is currently responsible for leading the concept and architecture of Signafire. He also drives his businesses approach to big data analytics and enjoys creating and evolving the technology strategy for various industries and applications. Previous roles have seen him as the CTO of the HumanGeo Group and director of technology at Pivotal Leap.

They discuss marrying the buzz around B.I. with the practical applications of data in the office. They also chat about the pitfalls of trying to use Big Data as a one-stop shop to solve all a company’s problems.

Show Notes:

1.05 Talking about the success at Signafire & Start-ups.

1.42 How does your idea process work when thinking of a product for your start-up.

2.57Did you use a lot of lean and agile methodologies when you were starting out?

4.14 Struggling to understand business needs as opposed to technical problems.

6.04 Ensuring technology is helping your business needs.

7.34 When you look at onboarding do you find it difficult having people who think in the same way as you?

9.02 The importance of an external perspective when viewing your product.

10.34 Do you think that there’s an overreliance on data and analytic when making key business or hiring decisions?

12.09 Discussing the large investment in Big Data and C level employee’s still unsure on it R.O.I.

14.46 The unrealistic expectation that Big Data will solve all a company’s problems.

16.09 How much creativity is involved when discussing how Data can solve problems?

18.32 Would you call yourself a techie or have you always been more involved in the outcomes of the projects you’ve been working on?

20.53 What Steve looks for in a career?