Today’s guest is Kelly Waters is the founder and CEO of 101 Ways – a product development consultancy in the heart of London’s tech city providing leadership, advice, and delivery, often all in one. Kelly is a thought leader in agile methodology.

Show Notes:

How did Kelly get into IT and his background skills 1.53

Starting a career in tech before computers were widely understood 4.37

Seeing the potential in computers and tech 6.35

Starting in the early tech world but not being a geek 8.02

Tech language going full circle 10.03

Diversifying the media channels and giving everyone a voice 12.36

Tech advances that have shaped Kelly’s career 16.03

The creation of Web 2.0 16.59

The change in the tech role when these advances happened 19.59

Changing as a manager during the web 2.0 boom 21.00

The basic concept behind Agile 24.09

Exciting future releases with potential 31.39

Levels of automation with AI 33.08

Changing motivations with a team 36.51

How the management style has to change to motivate a changing team 40.05

Disrupting the standard office dynamic 42.32