Robert is the Head of Data Engineering at Centrica

Robert’s career in data is extensive and, in his current role as Head of Data Engineering at Centrica, he’s leading the charge on technical design of Data Analytics solutions, establishing technical standards across teams, work with product managers of each product area in the squad and deliver Data Analytics solutions that help business decisions.

On the show, Andy and Robert discuss Agile and Scrum frameworks, how they can be applied outside of work and how being agile with agile is one of the best things you can do. 


Show Notes:

1:20 – Reflecting on the Week

3:40 – Working in an Agile framework – and not just at work 

7:31 – Being agile in applying agile

10:00 – Life before and after Agile

13:21 – Agile Frameworks influencing team culture

19:20 – Stepping up from scrum participant to lead

21:30 – Working without a Scrum Master

25:40 – Robert’s approach to goal setting