Today’s guest is James Griffin, CTO of Idio, a Content Intelligence platform that identifies patterns in each customer’s content consumption to understand their interests, predict their intent, and ensure profitable engagements in the marketing, sales and service environments.  

James is an Architect and Developer, with an expertise in Cloud-based applications and a focus on reliability and scalability. He is experienced in building both web and desktop based applications, with a particular expertise in scalable web systems.

Currently CTO at idio, a Software-as-a-Service platform which combines Natural Language Processing, Data Mining, and Recommendation Systems to enable organisations to understand the evolving context of each customer and deliver personalised communications on every marketing channel.

Show Notes:

What does James Griffin do? 1.04

James’ technical experience and skills 1.25

What is a CTO? 2.09

Focusing on leadership as the team grows 4.38

Technical abilities in a CTO 5.53

Approaching hiring new talent 6.55

Setting realistic expectations about time to hire 8.44

Securing the right cultural fit for the company 11.24

Practical measures to ensure a cultural fit 13.45

What makes an office culture? 18.35

Building a truthful and consistent culture 19.48

Tech tests that also test teamwork 23.41

Challenges when people move to remote working 24.43

Finding strategies to manage working while being interrupted 26.45

How to motivate a tech team 28.09

What behaviours for a successful leader? 33.18