How to become a data storyteller – Andrew Stevenson

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Andrew is Director of Big Data & Analytics at Atos.

Andrew specialises in enabling businesses to bring their data to life. He is Atos’s Chief Data Storyteller. He spends his time constructing engaging stories out of company data. Combining the hard maths of a data scientist with the flair and insight of an analyst, Andrew can tackle any challenge the data throws at him.    

Show Notes:

0.33 Dissecting the CDO role.

2.51 Catching up with data from a macro perspective.

7.08 Collaborating across departments with data.

11.37 Using education to integrate data into a business.

17.00 The typical questions asked of a data team.

20.50 Europe vs America.

22.43 Attributes required to become a head of data.

26.06 Always being willing to learn.