In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Delf Tonder, Lead Backend Developer at CrossLend. Delf is an advocate of agile and consistently applies this methodology to his current role. He also employed an agile mindset in his previous roles at Versatel Deutschland and MyHammer AG. In his previous roles he’s been responsible for migrating front- and backend from Laravel/MongoDB to Symfony2 & Elasticsearch, creating deployment & testing pipeline with Jenkins, phpunit, behat, codeception & ec2.

On the show he discusses the advantages of differing business methodologies, improving communication between departments, and security.

Show Notes:

1.08 How did you first get into development.

3.30 The importance of having a vision of what you’re trying to work towards.

5.50 Test driven metrics.

8.45 How long have you been working using an agile methodology.

10.01 Switching from waterfall to scrum.

13.04 How much impact do you get from higher levels on your way of working.

14.15 Always knowing what’s going on in your company, never having a bad surprise at work.

16.11 Is there ever frustration around not having the ability to be creative when working on projects.

18.32 What’s getting you excited in technology at the moment.

22.47 Talking about Bitcoin.

25.25 Talking about I.P.O’s.