Safe-guarding culture, avoiding burnout and routes into coding – Craig Bilner

Methodologies & Skills Development
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Craig is the Head of Engineering at News UK

Craig hasn’t had the most conventional path into technology. He fell into development after university. He was originally a business analyst writing models in VBA. It turned out Craig actually really enjoyed coding so he moved on to VB then C#. Then he became a C# developer.   

At this time the internet was becoming really interesting and especially the client-side was becoming a creative space. This shift saw Craig become a full Javascript developer. Once he learned Javascript he started learning all the languages he could until he ended up at News UK.     

Show Notes:

01.23 Craig’s career overview

04.12 Falling into software development

05.08 Why did you get into technology?

06.25 What does News UK do 

09.30 Finding engineers for News UK

11.21 Safeguarding culture during scale 

13.30 Moving from legacy to digital 

15.06 The humble Newsletter

16.05 Deciding whether to go perm or contact     

19.46 Learning to code 

20.56 Routes into data

22.52 How do you avoid burnout

25.46 How to decide what tech stacks to use

27.03 Careers at New UK