David Morgantini is the VP of Engineering at TES Global.

TES Global is an international company in name and practice. Remote workers are a key part of the business’s success. David believes you get the most out of your employee’s when you give them trust, freedom, & flexibility at work.   

David has more than a decade of industry experience as a technical team lead. He’s spent years managing tech teams across continents. Over that time, he has overcome every challenge managing remote teams has to offer. He discusses these and more in today’s podcast.

Show Notes:

1.07 Alternative paths for technical people who don’t want to go into management.

4.08 Are tech professionals motivated by leadership positions?

8.32 Creating opportunities for people from a high-level position.

12.12 How KPI driven are you?

17.03 Should a company’s vision ever change?

19.12 Using company vision to retain and gain talent.

22.33 Sources of motivation in tech.

25.07 Trust and being flexible with your staff.

29.06 Building a culture based on mutual accountability.

32.57 Correlating autonomy with ROI’s.